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        Xayah & Rakan Bracelets

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        The Rebel & The Charmer. Two vastayas who are inseparable best friends, lovers, and partners. These bracelets are adorned with aesthetics that capture the passion and intensity between Xayah & Rakan - making these a perfect gift for any best friend, duo partner, or significant other. Not to mention it would look awesome on anyone who wants to channel the power of both vastayas.

        Both bracelets are set in premium packaging which includes a variety of finishing touches that truly make this bracelet set unique.

        Xayah & Rakan Bracelet Features:

        • Titanium feathers and skulls that represent each vastaya's signature look
        • Magnetic twist lock clasp
        • Braided leather

        Xayah & Rakan Custom Packaging Features:

        • Biography page
        • Key splash art
        • "To My Rakan/Xayah" page with pull-out notecard
        • Card of Authenticity
        • Magnetic pull-over clasp featuring each vastaya's feathers respectively

        Approximate Measurements:

        • Length (Xayah Bracelet): 7.87 in / 20.0 cm
        • Length (Rakan Bracelet): 15.75 in / 40.0 cm
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