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      2. RockLove K/DA Akali Kama Necklace


        "When I move that way, you gonna be so blown"

        Handcrafted in durable artisan brass and plated in glowing 14k yellow gold, the Akali Kama Necklace features a vibrant teal custom cut diamond-shaped crystal. White enamel accents the handle. Pendant hangs from an adjustable 14k yellow gold-plated brass cable chain with a lobster clasp and the K/DA signature tag.


        • K/DA Akali's Kama Pendant
        • Artisan Brass
        • Plated in 14k Yellow Gold
        • Teal Custom Cut Crystal
        • Adjustable 14k Yellow Gold-Plated Brass Cable Chain with Lobster Clasp

        Approximate Measurements:

        • Chain: 18 inches + 2 inch extender (20 inches overall)
        • Pendant Size: 33mm x 31mm x 3mm

        The Akali Kama Necklace arrives in a signature K/DA | RockLove Collector's Box, with a vibrant purple exterior and gold metallic silkscreened art inside and out: a compelling addition to any display case.

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